magooshSAT mathWhat’s worse than the worst thing ever? For some, it’s SAT math. And I can see why: you’re cooped up in a room for hours, sitting until your muscles start to cramp, forcing your brain to recall that one formula your 8th grade geometry teacher told you would save your live one day.

If you’re one of the many who get the heebie-jeebies whenever the topic of SAT math pops up, we’ve got a life-saving tip for you: the SAT tests the exact same math concepts on every single exam! That means if you take time out to diligently study the right math concepts ahead of time, you’ll be ready to ace the SAT math section anytime, any day.

That’s where our friends at Magoosh SAT come in. They’ve put together a new eBook, complete with all the math formulas, study strategies, time-saving tips, and practice problems you’ll need for the SAT. It’s free and interactive to use, and it’ll give you the resources you need to dominate SAT math and do it fast. So check out the SAT math formula eBook and give your brain a break from straining for 8th grade math formulas!

 > Download the free SAT Math Formula eBook here!

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