5 ways to keep your new year’s resolutions

new-yearAs the new year approaches, you’re probably thinking about all the resolutions you’re going to make. Perhaps you want to study more, you want to get in better shape for a sport you’re playing or you just want to pick up a couple of more books instead of going down a slippery slope of Netflix (it happens to all of us).

Once you’ve figured out your resolution — or two or three — there are some habits you can get into to help you stick with it. Steve Siebold, a psychological performance and mental toughness coach, who is author of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of The World Class, insists that the first step is being all in. “It sounds harsh, but 99% compliance is failure,” he says.

Here are five other ways to keep your resolutions on track:

1. Don’t focus on how to do it, but rather, why should I do it?
Why do I want this goal to become a reality? Is it to better my grades? To become captain of my sports team? Or is it just a fad that I think would make me feel more important? Differentiating something you want to do to better yourself versus bettering yourself for others will determine whether the dream comes alive or dies.

2. Expect the obstacles.
Most people run into a challenge or obstacle and seek immediate escape. Have a plan to push forward when this happens. If you hit a road block, in your studies or your healthy eating routine, remember not to give up. Remember the first step: why you got involved. It might just be the push you need to keep on going.

3. Set a timeline.
Setting a timeline helps avoid procrastination. The way the mind works, a timeline gives you something to strive for. But make sure not to let it keep you from enjoying the present. Only focusing on the end goal takes away the joy of the changes you’re making for yourself.

4. Seeing is believing.
A vision board helps keep you motivated because it helps you see the end result of the goal you’re trying to achieve. Hang the vision board in a very visible location. This will reinforce the goals into your subconscious and help you push forward on those tough days.

5. Get an accountability buddy.
One of the biggest problems is that most people have no means of accountability or a support system in place. Go after your goals with a partner who really makes you push yourself. It’s much harder to say “no” to studying when someone else asks you than when you’re on your own!

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