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Today we are continuing our “Meet Our Friend” feature. We will be sharing products and companies that will help you plan for your future.


We want to introduce you to The Road Less Traveled! This is a website and company that allows high school students to make trips around the world for the purpose of community service and change. Any student that desires to travel and experience new cultures — and does not necessarily want to wait until college to do so — should look into The Road Less Traveled (RLT) and all it has to offer.

RLT programs designed specifically for high school students include community service, language and adventure opportunities. For example, on the India: Namaste trip students will complete community service, be immersed in India’s culture, trek the Himalayas, experience an Aarti ceremony, the Phyang festival, explore New Delhi and Taj Mahal and so much more. All in one month.

In addition to describing the 2014 trips in detail, RLT discusses pricing, the benefits of travel, flight information and the specific number of days the students will be gone. All of this information is significant and demonstrates the site’s dedication to their patrons. Too many times, travel sites are not upfront about the true cost until the patron is already committed to the trip.

The only thing too keep in mind with RLT is there is some lack of specificity about how participating families will be able to afford these trips. A student can usually expect their adventure to cost between $4,000 and $5,000. While this investment is sure to pay off due to the experience and life-changing opportunities, it is still a lot of money for high school students. The company does ensure that it will work out payment options for those do not have the necessary financial resources. However, it’s important for students and families to explore these factors in-depth before signing up.

The Road Less Traveled is overall a fantastic company, website and option for high school students looking for new experiences. RLT should be on every high school student’s radar. If you are passionate about a specific culture, learning a new language, or conserving nature and wildlife, you are sure to find a RLT program that is perfect for you. Even if you have never ventured outside of your state, this company is proof that there is no time like the present to give travel a try.

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