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Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 3.58.51 PMToday we are continuing our new “Meet Our Friend” feature. We’re sharing products and companies that will help you in your college planning process.

It’s time to meet College Student ApartmentsTheir website helps college students find affordable and convenient off-campus housing. So, anyone who is not impressed with their prospective college’s dorm should take note.

This website includes ways to find available apartments and ways to post notices for available apartments. To search, all you have to do is search your city or your college, and the site will provide you a list of nearby apartments. For those who are posting, you need to provide some quick information about what is available and pictures, if you can.

College Student Apartments also offers an interesting blog that provides advice about everything from moving day tips to advice about getting to know your professors. Some of these posts include “After college: Is it who you know or what you know?” and “Cooking tips when living in college apartments.” Even though its focus is off-campus students, this site has a lot to offer anyone who is going to college.

This site is a helpful resource for those thinking about moving for the first time, or are sick of the dorms and want to get away from campus. It is straightforward and user-friendly. Its only drawback is that it still needs listings for many of the colleges and cities featured on the site.  For example, I could not find any apartments close to my own college. However, as the site develops, I’m sure College Student Apartments will be a go-to for anyone needing nice real estate during their higher education.

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