Meet Kiaira from the Teen Advisory Board

Kiaira Westbury is already a pro at the college planning process, as she is already in her second year at the College of Southern Maryland. When deciding where she wanted to go to school, Kiaira took into consideration the cost and location of the schools she looked into because she knew those factors would be most important in making her final decision.

Kiaira manages to stay stress-free at school by planning her courses in a way she knows she can handle and that allows her plenty of time to finish her homework and study. Her advice is to put class first and “take your time and do not rush things.” However, she stresses the most important thing to keep your cool in college is to pick courses you feel “comfortable” with and to “remember you can have a little fun.”

Outside of her college planning skills, Kiaira is a dedicated reader and can read up to 10 books in just a month. She is also interested in the arts with her frequent trips to museums.

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