1111_culinaryWith the new year upon us, it’s inevitable that many people will be seeking out better eating and exercise choices to get fit. But did you know that training someone on how to eat healthy can be a career? If you excel at math and science, have excellent communication skills and are interested in health and fitness then a major in nutrition may be a great fit for you!

This major is typically earned at the bachelor’s or graduate degree level. In high school, it’s helpful to take classes in the field of math and science like health science, biology, chemistry and statistics. At the collegiate level, you should expect to take classes such as anatomy, immunology, microbiology, nutrition and metabolism, organic chemistry, physiology and more. Be prepared to not only learn about the nutrition of food, but also go in-depth as to how our body processes each of these nutrients and the effect they have on overall health.

What to know before you apply
With so many books and guides on how to eat healthy, it can be easy to assume that a major and career in this field is easy to attain. Not true! This is a very science-heavy field that requires extensive studying, lab hours, research and writing. Additionally, this major can also be earned at the graduate’s degree level, meaning in order to stand out in the field you may require additional schooling beyond a four-year degree. Be prepared to work hard to earn this degree — make sure this is something that truly fascinates you.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dietitians and nutritionists earned an average $56,950 per year as of 2014 with the profession growing much faster than average.

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