Trendy Tuesday — Coffee Mugs to Get You Through the Holidays

Thanksgiving officially kicks off the holiday season which means a lot of fun activities are on the horizon! The holidays are undoubtedly a joyous time of year — but also can be a stressful one. That’s why it’s important to keep your mug full of coffee (or hot chocolate or tea or whatever is your hot beverage of choice) to keep on powering through. But don’t just reach for a plain old coffee mug — a cute style will be easy to keep refilling, even once you’ve written your fifth paper. Here are some great options to get your creativity flowing!

fearlessly_authentic_lifestyle1. Fearlessly Authentic Mug

Why should works of art be limited to your wall? This mug is for the individual who is not afraid to speak her mind and wants to show that sentiment off. You won’t want to stop toting this mug around!

sincerely_sassy_lifestyle2. Sincerely Sassy Mug

If shade is your middle name, this is the mug for you. Just because you’re sassy doesn’t mean you can’t look classy while doing it! This mug is a piece of art in and of itself but when you bring the sass too — you can’t lose.

ha_ha_no_mug3. Ha Ha Ha!…No. Mug

If Grumpy Cat had a mug (or, you know, thumbs to drink out of it) we think this would totally be his mug of choice. For when you just #canteven fake one more laugh around your not-funny Uncle Albert, just tote this mug around for extra support. The caffeine rush might be just what you to lift the corners of your mouth enough to not offend any of your distant family members.

giraffe4. Giraffe Painted Mug

This mug is literally your spirit animal. When you just need to chill out with a cup of coffee, do as the giraffes do — if they were coffee drinkers that is. This style also comes in fox, goat and panda varieties so whatever kind of animal your coffee mate is, you know you can sip with your kindred spirit.

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