Trendy (Travel!) Tuesday — 3 Ways to Travel on a Budget

summer travelThe summer is finally here! You’ve made it through finals, projects, and end-of-the-year stress and now you have the next few months ahead of you to do what you please.

While it’s certainly fun to relax at home for a while, that novelty can wear off pretty quickly. Travel is fun, of course, but isn’t often that great on your wallet.

But there is good news  — you CAN travel on a budget! Here are three budget-friendly ways to satisfy your wanderlust — without sacrificing your life savings:

1. Find free attractions

Cities like Washington D.C. are chock-full of local must-sees that require no cost to enter. Hot spots like the Smithsonian Museum, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument — all are free to explore. If D.C. is out of your travel area, check out cities within your driving range to see what kinds of attractions they offer for free. You’ll often find luck at local museums or historical landmarks.

2. Consider other options than air travel

While flying is certainly the fastest and often most direct route to a location, air travel isn’t often budget-friendly. Try considering other options like group bus or train travel. Amtrack (train service) and Megabus offer convenient and inexpensive travel options to save you the hassle of driving without breaking the bank for air travel.

3. Use your student discount

Your student ID isn’t just good to get you into your dorm room — many services and businesses offer discounts to students who use their products, just by flashing their ID card. Some places that can help you save on travel include the Lincoln Center (New York), MOMA (New York), The Art Institute of Chicago, Denver Art Museum, Houston Ballet, the New England Aquarium and many more. Wherever you intend to travel, before shelling out full price, make sure to ask about a student discount first!

There’s no time like the present — get out there and start exploring!

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