“Meet Our Friend” Monday — Magoosh SAT Blog

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 1.25.14 PMToday we are continuing with our new “Meet Our Friend” feature. We’re sharing products and companies we love and will benefit you in your college planning process.

Today, we are introducing you to Magoosh SAT! Their blog is a comprehensive resource for any student preparing to take the SAT. The homepage is a running list of headlines that gives the reader a taste of each blog entry. A few of these blog contributions include “Best College Admissions Blogs of the Week,” “5 Ways to Make Studying for the SAT Suck Less” and “How to Relax for the SAT.”

However, not all of these entries are mere advice for the SAT. Some of them are short lessons that focus on one running pattern in the test. For example, “Prepositions in SAT writing” is about how students can tackle grammar questions in the test. And here’s the best part: even if you don’t completely understand the lesson, you are able to comment and ask questions. It’s like having an SAT tutor with you wherever you go!

This site is a great tool for high school students studying for the SAT. The site is easy to use and understand and the prompt feedback from the blog writers is efficient. I wish I had used a resource like this when I was studying for my SATs. If you are struggling with your standardized tests, try checking out Magoosh!

NextStepU will be participating in a blog swap with Magoosh soon, so expect more great advice from them to come!

— By Rachel Montpelier

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