Major Monday – Accountants

People will generally tell you that if you “like numbers” you will like accounting, but there is more to working as an accountant or auditor than an affinity for math.

What they do: Accountants indeed do work with spreadsheets and numbers, but they often play a key role in how a business or an organization is run. They make sure financial records are sound and tax payments are fair for their operation and paid properly and on time. A career in accounting can lead to leading business positions in various organizations.

Accountants may develop financial systems for individuals or organizations to make certain that their income and expenses balance. They can further specialize, working for a certain type of company (banking, for instance, or small businesses) or in a certain specialized area such as taxes or payrolls.

Education: You can begin in the field with a two-year associate’s degree but accountants generally have a four-year bachelor’s degree that covers various types or accounting, but they can also take specialized coursework. They are certifications that can enhance one’s career opportunities.

There are several organizations that support the profession, but one of the best known is the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, which offers various training and certification for accountants. It also has a number of scholarships.

Average Salary: Accountants make on average about $69,000 annually, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.

Salary and growth: The opportunities for accountants in the future appears promising, according to the federal government, with employment in the field growing at 11 percent, faster than most other professions. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


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Major Monday: Accounting

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