Major Monday- Clinical laboratory science

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If you have an interest in science or medicine but don’t want to work directly with patients, you might want to consider majoring in clinical laboratory science! Students in this field learn to diagnose disease by investigating bodily fluids, such as blood samples. They are also trained to supervise complicated medical tests and to manage clinical labs.

According to the College Board, some of the typical courses that students take within this major include anatomy and physiology, genetics, clinical chemistry and microbiology (the study of microscopic life forms). Many classes include a combination of lecture, discussion and lab work and students will often be required to use new lab equipment to compose lab reports. Students will often study both individually and within a group in order to prepare for the typical work environment that they will be working in after college.

What to know before applying
Students who wish to pursue a major in clinical laboratory science should be good at solving problems, detail oriented and learn best with hands-on activity. Students should make sure that the school they are applying to has a clinical program that is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences and should find out what kind of clinical studies and rotations they will be able to choose from.

After receiving a degree in clinical laboratory science, many students go on to become clinical lab technicians or technologists. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals in clinical technology earn a median salary of $53,500. Careers in this field can vary from federal positions to medical laboratories. Clinical technicians earn a mean salary of $35,380 and work in colleges and universities as well as other healthcare service facilities.

A few schools that offer this degree:
UNC at Chapel Hill
The Ohio State University
St. Joseph’s College

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